We believe:

  • Our families should not have to win a lottery or travel long distances to secure an excellent education for their children. 
  • All of our neighborhoods should enjoy the power of strong neighborhood schools to build communities committed to learning and our children. 
  • All of our children should be provided with the kind of education that can open doors to 21st century opportunities.  
  • Our city's resources should be used wisely to support our public education system.

The Coalition supports the Six Principles for Public Education in Washington, DC, a blueprint for building a public education system in our city.


Ward 1 Education Collaborative
Ward 2 Education Network
Ward 3/Wilson Feeder Education Network
Ward 4 Education Alliance
Ward Five Council on Education
Capitol Hill Public Schools Parent Organization (CHPSPO)
Ward 7 Education Council
Ward 8 Education Council  
Senior High Alliance of Parents Principals and Educators (S.H.A.P.P.E.)
Empower DC
Education Town Hall
Teaching for Change
21st Century School Fund
DC Fiscal Policy Institute