In early May, 2016, C4DC sent a questionnaire focused on education issues to candidates running for DC Council seats. C4DC members made several attempts to follow up with candidates who did not respond to the initial request, thus the candidates with "no response" had ample opportunity to respond.

We believe it is important city council candidates go on record about important public education issues because the DC Council approves the operating and capital budget for the DC public schools; has the power to enact policy that effects support for and effectiveness of public education in DC; and is responsible for oversight of public education and ensuring accountability for quality public schools. The C4DC questionnaire seeks to inform voters about each candidate's views on the issues of public education vision; budget; research and evaluation; and measurement and testing.

Read the candidates' responses:

> Democratic At-Large Candidates (David Garber, Vincent Orange, and Robert White)

> Independent At-Large Candidates (David Grosso, who will be on the November ballot)

> Ward 4 Candidates (Leon Andrews, Ron Austin, Calvin Gurley, Brandon Todd)

> Ward 8 Candidates (Maurice Dickens, Bonita Goode, aron Holmes, LaRuby May, Trayon White)